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26th APRIL



€ 48,00

Señorita Scarlett & Others


Freedom, the right to self-expression, autonomy, and choice.

Freedom, the lifeblood of creativity, innovation, and cultural evolution.


Artists, guardians of freedom, challenging the status quo, questioning conventions, and pushing the boundaries of expression. They wield their talents as instruments of change, reflecting the beauty, complexity, and contradictions of the human experience.


At Maxime, we celebrate the transformative power of the performing arts to unite people, promote empathy, and shape a world where creativity knows no bounds.


_ The assigned tables are according to the number of people;

_ The reservation will only be definitively confirmed after full payment;

_ The offer includes the dinner with drinks from the Maxime selection and the entertainment;

_ Drinks before and after the dinner are not included;

_ The dinner starts at the appointed time;

_ Ticket exchanges are not accepted;

_ The program may be changed for unforeseen reasons. If the program is cancelled, the value of your reservation will be refunded in full by Maxime Restaurante-Bar;

_ Participation in this show may involve capturing image and sound. If you do not intend to be filmed or photographed, please inform the organization;

_ Please indicate any dietary restrictions up to 72 hours before the date of the dinner-show, by email:;

_ By making the payment for the reservation, you are accepting all the conditions described above.

Dinner + Show: 48€



_ Sea tortellini, crustacean foam, salicornia, spinach


_ Duck, plum, kale, crispy potato, white asparagus


_ Lime lucia crème brûlée, raspberry sorbet and oats


_ Drinks included during the dinner show: mineral water, sparkling water, soft drinks, imperial, red, white and rosé wine from the Maxime selection, tea and coffee


Maxime Restaurant, located in Lisbon's Praça da Alegria, is the oldest open cabaret in the capital. Nights at Maxime are a surprising journey through the world of cabaret, burlesque, circus, musicals, comedy, illusionism, and much more! Each show is a unique spectacle, featuring national and international artists, with artistic curation and production by Vanity Redfire (aka Jaya Girão) and the Voix de Ville artist collective.

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